I called one morning and got in 10 minutes after work.  I don’t think I can get service any better than that.  Thank You!

We think the service, staff, etc are great!  We always feel very comfortable when we have a visit to the office! You all make us feel very welcome and cared for–thank you for taking such good care of us!!
-J. and L.

I am so pleased to have Dr. Makowski as my “new” dentist.  She and the staff were knowledgeable, friendly and professional!

I was very impressed with everyone! I felt very comfortable and have referred two people and definitely will keep referring people!  Thank you for everything!

Dr. Makowski and the whole staff have been great! It is wonderful to be treated so well and have the opportunity to access cutting edge technology in northern MI.  With the lasers and digital x-rays, I feel amazed at the level of care I can receive in this area.  The lasers alone have allowed me to have dental procedures like fillings without a single injection.  This alone has been worth being a patient here.  Thank you staff of Lakeview!

Great service and awesome dentist-thank you Dr. Makowski for all your help!

Dr. Makowski provided laser therapy that completely took away my TMJ pain.  It felt great immediately following, and was a huge difference the next day.  I cannot believe the benefits of laser dentistry.  It is an amazing thing not to have pain in my jaw after weeks of aches and pains.  Thank you Lakeview Dentistry!!!

Laser whitening is awesome! I had one visit and my teeth were completely different. Everyone has noticed my smile since!

Why would anyone have a filling done with a drill when you can have a laser do it instead?  I’m not numb, I can talk and eat right away and it was pain free!  Why don’t all dentists have this?